If this twit remains as a judge

Then it undermines the entire court system, not only in Illinois, but around the country.

She should be disbarred for not being able to realize that she is putting her personal political beliefs over any legal precedent. The fact that she felt that she could do this, or that she failed to be able to separate personal feeling from law, is embarrassing for the court system. Or, it could be that she felt secure enough in her position that she thought it was a good idea to do this even though she knew it to be wrong,  just to be a hassle to the Trump campaign. Or maybe she is just trying to impress some other people,,,Or maybe she intends to resign soon.

Either way, if the Illinois Bar lets this stand, Doesn’t punish this judge (or disbar them completely) for this egregious failure….they’ve made all judges in Illinois a laughingstock. Why should anyone obey any judges orders if the judges cannot even follow the law?


There’s that whole “Innocent until proven guilty” thing, and the fact that as far as I am aware, there have not even been any formal CHARGES against Mr Trump regarding this matter.

If a judge is so ignorant of the law, should she be a judge? Of if she is aware and is that partisan, should she be allowed to adjudicate any cases?

She has proven her unsuitability to be a judge. If she isn’t disbarred then every case she ever tries from this point onwards is suspect

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  1. Not only that, but the US Supreme Court has spoken on that with the Colorado situation and shot it down. For her to disobey the edict of SCOTUS is beyond the pale.

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