How to bring the US into WWIII

Take a senile old man who is (appears to be) bought and paid for by the President of Ukraine.

Add in the confiscation of billions of dollars of Russian bank money.

Now give that money to Ukraine.

Stir in a bitĀ of NATO and we got ourselves another war.


Exactly what does Zelensky have on Biden and others in our government? Is he that big of a source of cash ?? Does he have Epstien-like files on them or their relatives? There has to be something.

Seriously. The fact that they are even considering this is nightmarish.

7 thoughts on “How to bring the US into WWIII

  1. Hm….I wonder if it is just “something on biden…” or is it even bigger than that?
    Like secret bio-tech labs enhancing common flu-virus’s. Or secret spaces that house the equipment to extract the age defying drugs that demoncrats use…

  2. “Give”?
    No. That would be silly.

    Just let Ukraine and its citizenry make civil claims against Russia’s seized assets as compensation for two years of Russian rockets, bombs, missiles, and such.

    Russia can defend themselves in court, but they’re going to have a tough time claiming justification, since they’re the home invaders in this scenario.
    Ukraine didn’t drop a regiment of paratroopers to try and seize Moscow in 2022, FTR.

    Alternatively, Moscow could return to the pre 2014 borders, and give Ukraine back the entirety of Ukrainian territory Russia promised to respect in 1991 in return for Ukraine then giving up all the Cold War Russian nukes it held (which has been the abiding lesson in national stupidity of the century, and one the depths of which consequences the world has yet to plumb), and then settle damages for four separate invasions and annexations of Ukrainian lands in just the last decade.

    I suspect Russia just losing the seized accounts would be getting off far more cheaply, and won’t sting Moscow’s pride quite as much as having to relinquish for a second time since 1991 control of all the land they’ve seized in Ukraine by force since 2014.

    Or, Russia can simply keep chewing on a mouthful of rocks, shovel another forkful in, and keep biting down hard.

    Like with Hamas in Gaza, FAFO isn’t just a theoretical concept.

    Vlad gambled he was facing a Europe full of milquetoast Neville Chamberlains, with no end to how much he could take, and it turns out he miscalculated, massively.
    Boo frickin’ hoo.

    Vlad’s playing 1824 checkers, and the world is playing 2024 chess.
    He can’t even deal with Ukraine decisively.
    No way he wants to take on NATO too, but if he tries, I’m rather certain his underlings have a Makarov retirement party planned to the last detail.
    He’s on Day 733 of a three-day war, and Week 105 of “Two weeks to flatten Kiev”.
    He painted himself into this corner all by himself.
    And it’s over the minute he ends it.

    But he knows the day after that, his best end is under house arrest in a dacha somewhere until he has a convenient “stroke”.
    He’s gone from Stalin to stallin’ in two years, and set Russian world relations back a century, while weakening his ability for conventional national defense to critically low levels.

    The last guy to push Russia this close to the brink was Czar Nicholas II.
    It was not a good outcome for him.

      • What they say and what they actually do are two different things, and giving, rather than adjudicating, would be a quick way to buy exactly the WWIII you think likely.

        Fortunately, not everyone from top to bottom, even in the District of Criminals, is as senile as the Pretender-In-Chief, nor as stupid as Congressweasel Evita Guevara-Castro, so I doubt it will be a “giving”, and far more an exercise of due process, when all is said and done.

        That’s not to say TPTB are incapable of any such massive stupidity; just that the bureaucracy will serve as a brake on that impulse.

        Also, Gell-Mann is in full effect here, and the Left has never won any points for accurate reporting, on anything, even assuming they talked to anyone who knows whereof they speak.

  3. they have the proof biden is dirty. they have the proof everybody else in congress has been taking the kickbacks, and many of their offspring are “employed” by ukrainian energy companies just like hunter. they have the bio lab info. they have the servers that stole the election of 2020. they have the truth that hillary/obamy with the intel cabal overthrew the real govt of ukraine in 2014. they have everything, but its the sheer immensity of the graft money that keeps it all together.

    • “they have proof”??? Hell, WE have proof. So what, nothing’s going to happen.

    • Dig into how many governments of Ukraine were wholly installed puppets of Moscow from 1991-2014, then get back to me about how the CIA is the guilty party for doing once what Moscow was doing for 40 years.

      It’ll be uphill sledding, on a cliff.

      Moscow got their own back in 2014.

      And whatever his character flaws, Zelensky isn’t a Russian puppet.

      When it turned out Zelensky wasn’t in their pocket, and wouldn’t be bullied like every predecessor since independence, Russia had no choice to get their way except to either lump it and accept the new reality, or go to war.
      Vlad chose poorly. And continues to pay for that error.

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