Buuuutt….Diversity is our strength!

Isn’t that what they kept claiming 3 or more years ago? All these open Border liberals? Easy when the open border doesn’t bring it’s problems to your neighborhood…..

Of course, that strength comes with a crime wave, and costs to house them, and feed them, and clothe them. And LOTs and LOTS of crime. Then they don’t like it so much.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls for an END to sanctuary city status in screeching U-turn after welcoming migrants with open arms – drawing 200,000 arrivals in 18 months and sparking a crime wave

OF course, now that New York City has to deal with the same things that the Border states have had to for many years, things look different don’t they?

He at least wants to be able to turn the worst offending criminals over to ICE in order for them to be someone else’s problem, rather than the city’s.

I fully expect Chicago, Denver, and all the other affected Sanctuary Cities to soon change their tune. The Citizens will oust the Government if they don’t.




One thought on “Buuuutt….Diversity is our strength!

  1. Us folks out here in the West were waving red lanterns at this runaway train DECADES ago. …No one listened, so here we are…

    Fixing this is going to be like trying to get the smoke back into a cigarette…

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