And there you have it….The State trumps parents rights

State officials can tell you how to raise you children now.

At least in Indiana they can.

Catholic couple say Indiana state government took their trans son away from them because they refused to use his preferred pronouns

To be honest, I might have expected this out of Oregon or Washington or California…but not Indiana.

15 year old confuzed kid taken away from his family because they wouldn’t go along with his issues. Parental rights mean nothing? Or only for Catholics….

I feel that there are several State officials that really need an as whoopin’; (not suggesting anything, mind you…but if it happened I would approve).


9 thoughts on “And there you have it….The State trumps parents rights

  1. “Parental rights mean nothing? Or only for Catholics….”

    Parental rights mean nothing for ANYONE anymore, whether the parents are Left or Right wing. Leftie parents don’t know that they have no parental rights yet because they’re currently going with the flow. The minute they go one way or the other off the satanic path they’re on, they’ll realize this, but will be powerless to do anything about it, having themselves helped set the legal precedents beforehand…

    …There are a MULTITUDE of “government” “officials” in DIRE NEED of “Pb (atomic number 82) suppositories…”

  2. This abuse of power will continue..and get worse….until the abusers start getting strung up….as in DEAD. The left NEVER quits, gives up or goes away. The only way to be rid of leftists is to kill them. Nothing else works.

    • So, Dannie, when are YOU gonna start doing what you preach?

      Or are you the kind that hide behind others and encourages them to do something illegal?

      I’m talking like your coworker Ray Epps and such.
      ‘Cause that’s the way he did it too.

      Since you want everyone to take up arms and commit murder and such, why don’t you lead the way instead of using my comment section to suggest illegal acts?

      Feel free to step up and show how it’s done. Or shut up.
      Ig tow tired of Keyboard commandoes (or feds) talking big from their mommies basement, especially in my comments.
      Step up or shut up.
      Or get your own blog.

      • We talk in generalizations on the Internet We NEVER talk about specifics. Bright people don’t need to be told this fact.

        • Yer pretty specific in telling the rest of the world you want to kill people. Pretty much not generalizations. I think you are fishing for converts.

          Again, do it somewhere else. Surely the Feds you work for can pay for a website.

          I believe it is time for you to go elsewhere and pollute the comments of another blog with suggestions of murder and anarchy and rebellion.
          Again, I think you are an agent of the State, a Fed, and a provocateur.
          I won’t have it here.

  3. I am OK with this as long as the State assumes all responsibility for raising the little nipper. Cost of housing, Uber rides, clothing, food, medical, college tuition….

    Preferably paid for out of the under-funded public pension fund.

    • That’s all good, but you and I and all the other taxpayers then foot the bill …..and without oversight.

  4. OK B, I don’t disagree with you but you’re telling people to s* or get off the pot; fair enough – so what do >you< suggest? Especially since the court system seems to be as rigged as the election process.

    • I’m telling *DAN* …a likely FBI (or other Fed) provocateur, to stop telling others to start shooting and for him to do what HE suggests….rather than just push others to do it.
      Put up or shut up, as it were.

      And especially to stop using MY comments as a platform to do so.

      I hate to ban people, but it’s likely. I’d prefer he just stop and behave.

      Feds go away.

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