Selective investigation

Since the Media is (again) flogging the whole “Jan 6th Insurrection” meme, and (again) showing us scenes from the protest that happened that day, and (again) telling us about Officer Sicknick, who died the next day from a stroke, and telling us (again) about how there have been 1200 protectors sentenced for their role on that day….


I’m gonna bring up a point:

It is a shame that these protesters were shown the full force of the Federal and state police investigation forces. They have used (among other techniques) geofencing and cell phone tracking, facial recognition, voice recognition, and other high-tech tools in an insane attempt to find and prosecute each and every person who was at the protest that day (except, oddly, Ray Epps and couple of his associates)…

And yet, the police and the Feds have chose NOT to do any similar investigation, to NOT use any of those high tech tools to track down the people who attended and participated in all those post George Floyd/BLM protests that actually DID turn violent and DID result in Millions of dollars of damage…you know, like looting, and arson, stuff like that (just all part of the nights protest in inner cities like Detroit and Philadelphia and such, right?)..Not a single bit of investigation, no use of cell phone trackers to even find out who was there, no use of easily (and publicly) available video to look at faces and identify the participants….


Why aren’t they using those tools for those protestors? I mean, unless those were Approved Protests and the government wanted them to happen…..

5 thoughts on “Selective investigation

  1. Don’t forget the complete lack of curiosity about who planted those fake at the DNC and RNC headquarters with all those surveillance cameras around them.

  2. Not sure why anyone would be able surprised. BLM rioters are the “brownshirts” wreaking havoc for the left. The rest of us are considered the enemy. We are at war. At war with the left and our own government. If we as a who!e don’t acknowledge this fact and soon it will be too late to salvage anything. They’ve locked up everyone they could identify who entered the capital building. Now they have announced they will be arresting and charging anyone who was merely PRESENT in DC on January 6.
    After that theyll be going after people who have never set foot in the capital but made any postings on social media supporting Trump. Count on it.

  3. Trump was president until the 20th, so i guess he was trying to over through himself

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