Interesting spin on how they frame it:

So in 4 different “news” casts this Saturday morning I have heard the phrase “The Supreme Court will have to interpret how the 14th amendment applies here”.

Not the real question, which is how it can apply at all??? As Mr Trump has never been charged with, nor tried for (much less convicted of) Insurrection….


Again the spin is that there was an insurrection, and it was instigated and led by Donald J Trump. They’ve spent the last few days or so telling us again and again that thereĀ  was indeed an insurrection and giving us dramatically produced and edited stories about that day, where tens of thousands of crazed Right Wing maniacs murdered Capitol police officers and stormed the Capitol building that they were defending in order to (somehow) take over the government and force them to name the Donald King King of Americka or something.

None of which is true. But the are, yet again, preparing the battlespace…using words and phrases like “the debunked claims of Election Fraud” and

One wonders how these people can say this sort of shit with a straight face.

2 thoughts on “Interesting spin on how they frame it:

  1. They are saying all of this… repeatedly, because they know, just like Joseph Goebbels knew, that if they parrot lies loudly enough and often enough most people will assume their lies are truth. Ad sadly they are correct, this tactic works.

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