NRA’s longtime CEO Wayne LaPierre announces shocking resignation just DAYS before the start of his New York corruption trial

That slimy son-of-a-bitch should have been gone long ago. I never understood why the board allowed him to stay in his position. And I have not given a DIME to, nor promoted  anything related to, the NRA for many years because of that asshole. He did more damage to the NRA than anyone else….and wasted MILLIONS of the NRA (the member’s) money .


Good riddance.

7 thoughts on “ABOUT TIME!!!!

  1. I’m with you on that. It’s probably been more than a decade and a half since I dropped out of the NRA. “Wayne the Stain” soured me on that deal.

  2. i still can’t figure out how anybody could still be sending them money, donations nor dues. that’s a bunch of brain dead folks. like the 35% that think brandon is doing a good job. lost .

  3. Now the question is, will Brewer et al be dumped? They are bleeding the NRA coffers dry! And yes, good riddance!!!

    • Short answer “no.”

      Under the bylaws, the head of General Operations becomes acting Executive Vice President. One month ago, Joe DeBergalis was head of General Operations, when he was suddenly replaced by Andrew Arulanandam, a PR person with no experience in General Operations or in management. Rumor had it that DeBergalis had no use at all for the Brewer Law Firm, while Andrew worked with Brewer’s PR branch.

      The people who aided and abetted WLP’s grifting are still in power.

  4. Yeah…about time he was shown the door. Question is can the many years of damage he and his sycophants did to the NRA be undone.

  5. There’s nothing wrong at NRA HQ that couldn’t be solved with a couple of flamethrowers, a twelve-place gallows, and a Removal Day Festival on the front lawn.

    And ought to be.

    • True, but resources ARE limited… I’d rather use that hardware and time on the current inhabitants of DC…

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