Pretty much the way I see it too

Lawfare. Such bullshit.

And they keep going, just to hassle him and prevent him from running.

I don’t necessarily want D Trump for my president. I’d prefer another person, (if we could find one that cared enough about the country and the citizens as he seems to).

But this is insane,  A persecution in the courts. One after the other. And the blatant partisanship demonstrated by the judges is embarrassing. This is not what out judicial system is supposed to be. Much like the decisions handed down by the liberal justices in the Supreme courts over the years, these are blatantly partisan and a mockery of what our justice system is supposed to be.

Trump vows to APPEAL ‘absolutely ridiculous’ $83.3 MILLION E. Jean Carroll verdict: Ex-president rages ‘this is not America’ and claims case is a ‘Biden Directed Witch Hunt’


I hope he does appeal.

In a just world the courthouse would be demolished and the judge tarred and feathered. But in a just world it would never have started…back when the DOJ and the IRS went after the Tea Party folks the staff involved would have been incarcerated for their actions. This is just a result of letting them get away with it then, and letting it metastasize into personal persecution of a candidate that they are afraid of.

And we, as citizens are standing by and watching it happen.

3 thoughts on “Pretty much the way I see it too

  1. That tells us what will happen to US if we ever end up in court… sigh

  2. My personal take is that it hasn’t been a “judicial system” in years it is merely a legal system and no longer relies on right or wrong, moral or immoral, or even a burden of proof. It is luck of the draw whether a person gets a fair shake and in many cases the draw is stacked against you. In the words of a famous movie character “are you feeling lucky punk?”.

  3. Lawfare at it’s most blatantly abusive. If the evil left can do this to someone of Trump’s wealth, influence and position just imagine how easily they can utterly destroy one of us “little people” using the legal(sic) system.

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