Of course, they don’t think it should apply to them….

Seems that the top 1% and the “Elite” believe strongly in rationing of travel, foods, energy and other things….like personal freedoms and transportation choices and such  in order to combat “climate Change”…..of course, they aren’t showing the way by reducing THEIR lifestyle, but they do think that the rest of us should reduce.

America’s richest 1% and Ivy Leaguers say the rest of the country has TOO much personal freedom and want to ration food and electricity, shocking poll finds
Elites want to save the planet by banning SUVs and jet plane vacations
They’re much bigger fans of Joe Biden and the government than regular voters

Like the people at Davos, these folks are so insulated from the real world and they really believe that they should get to say what the rest of us get…and they don’t believe that they should be required to participate…..

Try it, folks. You won’t like how it ends.