59 to 23

This is kinda scary, really.

Poll shows percentage of people who consider themselves “Patriots”.

Yep, 59 percent of Republican voters felt that they were Patriots.

23 percent of Democrats. (That wasn’t a typo….only 23 percent) [ETA: And they admitted it!]

Guess we know where they stand now.


I just heard about this poll. I find it shocking, really. While I disagreed with many of my fellow citizens, I would not have thought that they were not “Patriotic”.

I guess that the average Democratic Voter is really self centered and narcissistic. I knoda knew that, but didn’t realize that it was that bad.


3 thoughts on “59 to 23

  1. This is neither new nor news. America has been saddled with traitorous people since the very beginning.

    • yeah, lots of FBI types that are loyal to the government but traitorous to the country.

  2. That 23% isn’t surprising, except that I question if it’s actually low enough; how many Dem non-patriots claimed to be patriots without actually knowing what patriot means or to placate the poll taker?

    The 59% of Republicans is more worrisome. That’s not even 2/3, barely above half.

    Anon 2

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