Those films from the 60’s

That they showed us in high school in the 70’s were right!!….

Reefer Madness is a thing

100 hours of community service for MURDER

“Some of the country’s top forensic psychiatrists concluded that this experience was ‘100 percent’ consistent with previous accounts of cannabis-induced psychosis.’We know, pretty conclusively, that marijuana can lead to psychiatric illness,’ Dr Timothy Fong, faculty leadership of the Cannabis Research Initiative at University of California, Los Angeles and clinical psychiatrist, told”


Damn, the shit I could have gotten away with if I’d only have known…

2 thoughts on “Those films from the 60’s

  1. I don’t care WHAT caused the “psychosis” that led someone to commit murder.
    Fry them. Strap em into Old Sparky, tell them it’s a Disney ride and throw the switch.

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