It occurs to me

That at the Egypt/Gaza border there are as many people trying to get from Gaza to Egypt as there are illegal invaders trying to get from Mexico to the US….and in a much smaller area. They could cross into Egypt anytime they wished, except for a flimsy gate preventing them from crossing.

Of course, that gate/border wall is backed by men with guns and the threat that they will use them (likely not a threat, but a promise).

Unlike our border, which has no real meaning because no one will stop the crossers with violence if they decide to cross, the Egyptian border is secure. ours, is a paper barrier. Anyone who shot a border crosser would be prosecuted for Murder.

Sadly, it will take violence to actually stop these people from invading our country. Someone will have to be shot and/or killed to make our border secure again. Maybe more than one.


3 thoughts on “It occurs to me

  1. …MANY… more than one…

    How this hasn’t come to pass yet is a mystery…

  2. Look up Jack Donovan’s piece “Violence Is Go!den”. Read it, take it to heart.

  3. Well, we can hope

    Unfortunately, the damage is already done.
    They’ve already packed more people across in the last year than in the prior twenty-two, and perhaps as much as the last forty.

    The shooting that solves that isn’t going to happen at the border.
    It’s going to happen everywhere else.

    One way, or another.

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