Does anyone

have knowledge of a single person who, at this stage, regrets having NOT gotten the Covid Jab?


Is there a single person who wishes, at this stage, that they had gotten the Vax?


Anyone? Bueller?

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  1. No… But I have met a few who HAVE gotten the clot shot and STILL think I’M the one who’s stupid for not getting it! Other than being jabbed, the all have one thing in common… They all watch that lesbian longneck bobblehead, Rachael Madcow…

    …Some people drink the Kool Aid… Some people take it intravenously…

  2. I’ve only had the 1st two shots and have no intention whatsoever of getting any more of them. Even avoiding the RSV shot and have NEVER had the flu shot. The only reason I took the two was for my bosses benefit who did not want to have anyone else blame our office for infecting them. I haven’t had the classic flu (achy joints, head 3 miles thick so sooooo tired) since I was a teenage over 40 years ago.

    OTOH, I’ve had several coworkers who are fully vaccinated (4 shots) and have had COVID infection twice. I wanted to ask them if they felt safe, but re-considered probably stupid to cause any bitterness and kept my pie hole shut.

  3. Having worked in the medical field for over 30 years, I always got the flu shot.
    When this “bad flu” virus came along, I declined getting the jab. Had that “bad flu”; used the “I” medication, felt better within 48 hours.
    I won’t be getting a flu shot this year. I don’t trust the goofs in the office; they might use the combined flu and that “bad flu” in their “wisdom”

  4. At this point time the question of supporting or opposing the shot is a defacto IQ test.

  5. When it was announced, it took me about 2 seconds to determine I would never submit.

    “….I don’t trust the goofs in the office; they might use the combined flu and that “bad flu” in their “wisdom”.”


    It seems the Medical Industrial Complex hasn’t fully grasped the degree to which trust in them has been damaged over the Clot Shot business. As the old joke goes, “we’re now just haggling over price.”

    Anon 2

  6. I work in EMS and have refused everything since 2020; COVID jabs & boosters, RSV, seasonal flu, shingles, pneumonia, etc. The only shot I will take is my DPT when it comes due. They MUST bring me a sealed syringe, the sealed vial, and the drug data sheet. Before they do anything I will read the data sheet to make sure of what I am actually getting. Then they will draw up the dose in front of me and immediately plunge the needle in my arm. If they are unwilling to do this, I will go elsewhere. If the DPT shot now includes mRNA poison I will take my chances and go without.

    I have not been truly sick since having suspected COVID in March 2020. In the past few months I have been exposed to multiple COVID+ patients based on post-transport hospital reports. Zip-Zero-Nada. I am not at all surprised.

  7. just coming off of two weeks being sick as a dog, flu/covid , who knows but i’m still happy i’m pure blood. lost my job two years ago rather than take the jab. still no regerts, lol, regrets.

  8. Had to go to Doctor’s for Medicare checkup or whatever. Let them have it with both barrels when they asked about vaxxes. Pissed them off big time. On the way out receptionist asked if I needed set up an appointment. I saw thru reflection on window, the nurse rapidly shaking her head and mouthing “NO!”

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