And yet he hasn’t been convicted of anything….

But, of course, the Blue State of Colorado (or at least the State Supreme Court) has declared that Trump isn’t eligible for President because he violated the 14th Amendment by “engaging in an insurrection”….Yet no conviction of such has been put forth. There’s that pesky¬† “Innocent until Proven guilty” thing….But they ignored that. The claim is that he is ineligible because he is guilty of insurrection….which hasn’t been proved or adjudicated.

In other words, the court itself is guilty of violating the 14th amendment….by violating the Due Process part of the 14th amendment. He hasn’t been tried and convicted of the action they are using to prevent him from being eligible for the state ballot. Kinda bad that a justice of a State Supreme Court would do such a thing, even out of Trump Derangement Syndrome….

Their partiality is obvious. Every justice who approved of this should be disbarred, kicked off the court, and blocked from any other office.

This has Fail written all over it.  And it reeks of Desperation.


4 thoughts on “And yet he hasn’t been convicted of anything….

  1. It underlines the extreme extra-legal lengths the Democommunists are willing to go to subvert the upcoming elections.

    Overturning this should include federal criminal arrests and prosecutions for those who voted for it. Four power-drunk black-robed jackasses don’t get to decide the election for the entire country. That’s an insurrection.

    Failure to nip this sort of nonsense in the bud will lead to the next phase of the Banana Republic, which is liable to be far more sporty.
    The Left seems to be clamoring at the top of their lungs to make future elections kinetic.

  2. Every other state, or as many as we can get to join, should sue Colorado for effectively nullifying votes once DT is nominated.

    I still do not understand why we cannot pursue these judges, legislators, Federal workers, etc. for conspiracy and deprivation of rights.

  3. The left commits these assaults on freedom, the law, decency and society for a simple reason. Because they can. They suffer ZERO consequences for doing so.
    Till we change that fact they have no reason to stop and every reason to continue.
    These evil blackrobed pirates will face NO JUSTICE from the system. Therefore it is incumbent upon honest Americans to deliver justice to them…up close, personally and permanently. The only true justice remaining in America now is extrajudicial and of the vigilante type.

    • please be careful there, Dan. I don’t need a visit from the feds due to comments. I cannot fully disagree with you, but please be careful..both for me and for yourself. Remember, this is a public forum where anyone can read.

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