“he is attacking our country”

So says Mayor Brandon Johnson about the fact that Governor Abbot (and others) are shipping “Migrants” to “Sanctuary Cities”…..Who are unable to handle more of them…..

What about the thousands more that are invading the southern states? The strain that those states are under trying to provide for those numbers?


How about the fact that the Liberals in the northern states proudly proclaimed that they would welcome “Migrants”, that their cities were “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants…..Who pushed for open borders…..

Now, “dumping” illegals’ those same cities is “attacking our country”…. And blames those bussing the illegals for deaths of sick kids in Blue city sanctuaries.

Hey, it’s what they wanted for Texas and New Mexico and Arizona…..but they are, instead, getting a bit of their fair share of those “Migrants” illegals aliens. The people of the City of Chicago are not happy about the invasion, either.

One thought on ““he is attacking our country”

  1. No, Mr. Brandon, your own political upstream is attacking our country, and is using ILLEGAL ALIENS rebranded as “asylum seekers” to do it. You are a “victim” of your own party’s treason… …Cry me a river…

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