Was the Secret Service shooting at Biden’s Granddaughter’s home legal?


Apparently (the narrative says so, anyway) that there was no threat, that the “criminals” were simply breaking into a car.…no threat to life or safety of anyone. If this is the case, was shooting at the thieves a legal act?

It isn’t in most jurisdictions, for either gun owners or for cops. Maybe Secret Service is different, their ROE might allow it…. but I don’t think so. Without a threat to life or safety of someone, then this is simple theft, shooting isn’t legal.

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  1. If they would have killed a couple of black youts , the country would be a rioting.

  2. Playing the devil’s advocate: What if they had weapons “secured” in the vehicle?

    That would be a complication.

    It is my belief that if a cop gets into a tussle and the hither-to-fore other party wrestles away his TASER, then the cop is now justified in the use of deadly force because the TASER could be used to incapacitate him and then his duty weapon’s security is compromised.

    • While I agree with you, none of that is germane to the question. If YOU had shot at a fleeing car thief, you’d be in jail, (if I understand the use-of-force laws in Michigan). So again, were the SS boys legal in their actions?

  3. Using that logic , if someone is breaking into my car , and I have a gun safely stored in such car , I can use deadly force protecting my guns and car?

  4. You silly goose…did you forge that the laws we are burdened with simply DO NO APPLY to the hired thugs infesting the government. They can do whatever they want with near total impunity.

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