I’ll donate to the Tuba Player’s bail fund….


Football fan gets into opposing team band Tuba player’s face…


It does not go well fir the fan.. 4 punches WHILE STILL PLAYING the tuba, Fan goes down, hard. 

Fan learns a lesson. Maybe.

If people had ever learned decent behavior, things like this wouldn’t happen. But a fair number of people never got their asses beaten for bad behavior as kids or teens, so they encounter people who simply won’t put up with them and their bad behavior as adults. And that lesson is often painful.



7 thoughts on “FAFO

  1. The guy was literally thrown to the ground. I counted one semi solid punch to the face and then he was thrown to the ground from behind. Not exactly what is being reported but whatever. Not sure what the guys problem was but my 16 year old daughter hits harder than that.

    • Can yer daughter do it while wearing a Tuba across her shoulders and STILL PLAYING?

      Dude, get a fucking grip. I doubt you could do what the tuba guy did.

    • Hedge was a bad fag at OU that guy looked like he had trainin

  2. And just like that, people with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) will jump on this to explain all the “untruths” about this video.
    Me thinks there is a lack of participation trophies in the world.

    • “Me thinks there is a lack of participation trophies in the world”

      See the first comment for evidence that you are indeed correct….

  3. things started going downhill fast when they made a school yard fight into a felony. many people didn’t get attitude adjustments when they desperately needed it. now we have whiners to the left, assholes to the right, and us stuck in the middle.

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