Of course Hamas wants a ceasfire

They are getting their asses kicked. It’s a story we have seen play out before many times. They’ll just use the pause to rearm/reposition and then try to fight again until their position becomes untenable, then they will (again) ask the UN to to broker a ceasefire.


Is every Palestinian (ethnic Syrian) as full of bluster and invective until push comes to shove, then they want someone to step in and protect them?

So far I haven’t seen evidence otherwise.

5 thoughts on “Of course Hamas wants a ceasfire

  1. Of course… Strike the innocent, then run and hide behind their human shields and blame the deaths on israel.

  2. And if Israel is stupid enough to allow it to happen they deserve whatever the PaliSimians do to them after they rearm and reorganize.

  3. It’s your bed. You made it. Now shut up and lie down…

    Advice to any and all Palestinians.

  4. Saw an article suggesting that a lot of the Hamas problem could be managed by pumping seawater into the tunnels which would make them unusable and over a longer term destroy them while driving Hamas to the surface. IIRC a fill rate of 10K gallons/minute would accomplish the task in a couple weeks.

    Maybe the Israelis could, once all hostages are released – their non-negotiable point before which anything even vaguely resembling negotiations will not happen – open “negotiations” and stop shooting while pumping lots of seawater.

    (It was mentioned that Gaza has so severely depleted potable below-surface water allowing ingress of sale water from the Mediterranean that adding salt water to the soil would not pose much of a problem and, IIRC, a lot, if not most, of Gaza gets potable water compliments of the Israelis. Or did, before 10/7.)

    Anon 2

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