it’s working

The Pain that is now being SHARED by blue states has caused them to “Buckle”.

First New York City, (with Chicago not too far behind)

Now Denver has folded, sending flyers asking the illegal border crossers to “stay away from the Colorado capital, after 21,000 new migrants arrived this year” and that “Denver ‘can no longer provide the same level of sheltering resources to newly arriving persons.”

Now if the Border Patrol will just start doing their job, then the insane flow of people invading our country might just stop. Of course, that means no cutting the barriers that keep people from simply walking across the border, and actually enforcing that border…which the Border Patrol Personnel seem to have been ordered not to do…..

At some point, we need to start shipping these illegal entrants back across the border into Mexico, If we did that the Mexican Government would stop them from coming over THEIR southern border….’Cause they don’t want to have to house and feed these people either.

Despite the dreams of the Democrats, the US simply cannot feed, house and employ all these people wishing to live here in the US. If they were as the Liberals say, a net asset to the country, then they’d have been an asset to the countries they are leaving….and they wouldn’t be the shitholes that they are. I’m sure living as a refugee in the US beats a serf in Venezuela, but that is their country, and we can’t feed house and otherwise take care of all those freeloaders.


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  1. But these same blue cities don’t give one shit about any of the cities in CA, NM, AZ, or TX that have been dealing with far worse since Mr. Potatohead was “elected.”

  2. Now if the Border Patrol will just start doing their job,

    They aren’t Allowed to Do their job

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