A drop in the bucket

So Mayor Adams, of New York City, says “the city is at capacity” after getting 120 thousand illegal invaders bussed or otherwise transported from the Southern Border States to NYC…..in the past YEAR. “It’s not sustainable”

Now, consider that at some places in the US, on the border, there have been as much as 10,000 illegals crossing the border in as little as a week…..aided and abetted in their crossing by “Border Patrol” personnel under orders from Washington…(border patrol, what a joke)

I find the disparity in numbers amusing. 125,000 vs tens of thousands…..and the whining  from the leader of a “Sanctuary City” is downright hilarious.

2 thoughts on “A drop in the bucket

  1. We counted the footprints of 100K illegals/yr on one 600 acre ranch right on the border.
    Groups of 75-100, 3x/day at CBP shift changes (0800/1600/0000), 365 days a year.

    That was every year until 2006 or so, when we finally pissed off Dubbya enough to have 10 miles of wall built with our ranch as the central point.

    Crossings over that section of wall every day since that construction to now can be counted on one’s thumbs. And they didn’t put any gates in it to leave open.

    Almost as if walls work.

    Now the libtard cities are getting a bellyful of what they weren’t before, and they’re crying “Uncle!”

    Methinks they doth protest too much.

    Abbott, DeSantis, &c. should keep sending them until NYFC and Chicongo pony up the cash to build the wall from San Diego to Brownsville, uninterrupted.

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