While in a waiting room, waiting to pick up the 340 from service,

I was told by a guy, who appeared to be smarter than me…,:


That the whole Open Border thing has been a dream of democrats since the mid 70’s and he pointed out that that was the time that a young, impressionable Joe Biden began his senate career. Joe was a supporter of the 1986 immigration (amnesty) act…..That was supposed to be a one-time amnesty to allow all the current illegals in the country to become citizens…but also to close the border and cut off the flow of illegals……But that didn’t happen, did it? The borders remained open, and the flow of illegals continued, and the Democrats continued the dream of open borders

Now, of course, that Joe is President, we are seeing him do his best to make sure that that dream comes true.

I couldn’t argue with the dude….


(Of course, now they are building the border wall (a tiny, tiny bit of it) and deporting some of the illegals, but neither is more than a symbolic gesture to the mess they have created)….Their dream is still happening.