So the question that the Israelis have to be asking themselves right now…

Is “What caliber for Palestinian fighters?”


While I am not unsympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians, the thing is that NO ONE wants them. They’ve made nothing of themselves in all the years that they have been next to Israel, they’ve done nothing but foment trouble, they’ve been used as pawns by the other factions….and even before the Jews were emplaced they were never anything but half-assed goatherds….The regular people allow fighters to hide amongst them, then whine when there are civilian casualties…..they are unwanted by the Syrians, the Jordanians, and the Egyptians….either of which could have absorbed their population over the years……but they won’t.

And the Israelis aren’t innocent here, either…

Being surprised like this in a war zone is kinda foolish, doncha think?

If this isn’t a good example of why an armed civilian population is a Good Thing, then I don’t know what is.


6 thoughts on “So the question that the Israelis have to be asking themselves right now…

  1. Yeap, Palestinians were never a genetic group of people. They were just a group put in the spotlight for sympathy.
    What has been said is very accurate.
    They’re just a group of goatherders that are pawns in the globalists game.

  2. What caliber?

    Whatever you have in abundance and cycles flawlessly.

    Better a hit with a .22LR than a miss or a jam with a .577 T-Rex

  3. and don’t forget the iranian role here, nor brandon’s 6 billion bankroll of it. i am surprised the israelis were surprised. hard to hide 2000 rockets getting set up and all those holes in the fence, unless their intel is as infiltrated with traitors as ours. lord help them. can you say armageddon rising?

  4. Nonetheless, this is the kind of conflict that will have the rest of the world picking a side… This is how world wars start…

  5. Were every adult at that concert armed, AND ALERT, things would have gone quite differently.

    Pro Tip: We’ve adapted to the “Designated Driver” thing, but not to the ‘Designated Alert and Armed Member” of every group that is out and about in public (which does not mean that the Designee is the only member armed, but that his/her sole responsibility is alertness, observation, and action, not fussing with the kids, or carrying more than easily fits in the off hand. And, just as naval officers change watch and acknowledge that change – “I am taking the conn,” “you have the conn” – family or group members can share designee responsibility as long as each takes that responsibility seriously.)

    Anon 2

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