Seems that most successful European countries

Are growing tired of the influx of ‘Migrants” from poorer countries as well.


Germany has had it, and has “Reached it’s limit of Migrant intake“.

And Italy has had enough of Migrants from Norther Africa… The eyetalians want a naval blockade to stop them

The italians are where the migrants stop first, and have had enough. Tired of the crime, the violence, the theft, etc as these North Africans move through the country for other parts of europe….where they will settle in enclaves and be a burden on the society where they stop…bringing yet more crime, more change in the culture and more issues. They aren’t immigrants, they are invaders, just like the folks crossing out southern border here in the US. and like crossing state lines here in the US, once they are inside the borders of an EU country, they can go anywhere in the EU they wish with no restrictions.

They bring the issues of the shithole countries from whence the came to their new homes. Problems that did not exist in the communities where they settle. There is a reason they wish to leave their homes and move to a richer area. Them.

And once people experience a taste of what they bring, those same communities want no more of them. One or two families will acclimatize and assimilate  to the community, ten or a hundred migrants will acclimatize the community to them, and generally not for the better.



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