Busy at the Range

Fall cleanup.

If we are lucky we might have 15 people show for the work party (and it’ll be the same 15 as last time).

Maybe. 15.

If we are lucky.


Having said that, we need to do the work, so there it is.

If you belong to an organization, whatever it is,  Church, social club, range, biker club, fraternity,  etc.,  and don’t volunteer for the work days, then you need to.


Just sayin’


ETA: we had 8 show up.

8 out of 124 members.



4 thoughts on “Busy at the Range

  1. Five of us have spent three years renovating the AL post. FIVE of us old men. Sigh…

  2. I have to pay $75 for a year at my range. They can hire work crews.

    • Its $200 a year for me at mine. $50 off if you work two work parties.

      We are a members only private range. IF it were not for the volunteers there wouldn’t be a range.

      If yours is not a commercial range, then you should volunteer.
      If it is a commercial operation, that’s different.

  3. should hold a “meeting”, offer door prizes, then pull out the brooms and shovels.

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