Doin’ their best to hide the race

So the two kids who ran down the retired police officer in Vegas ….Deliberately…..while driving a stolen car,  are gonna be charged as adults.

Good. They are depraved individuals who should be locked up (or shot) to protect society….But the media and the authorities are hiding their faces “because they are juveniles”… would seem to me that if they are gonna be charged as adults then they should be otherwise treated as adults…including showing their faces. All we know are names, and accents from hearing their voices in the incriminating video. Why hide their faces?

But the media is doing all they can to hide their race.


I think we all know why.

9 thoughts on “Doin’ their best to hide the race

  1. 13%ers strike again. Put them in big boy gladiator school..

  2. The full video shows glimpses of their hands. The driver was white, the passenger was black.

    • I think your wrong , both are african. But if I’m wrong , the one you say isn’t black is a wigger , he wants to impress the africans. See if he impress ‘ s the prison gangs.

    • In the court appearance, one looks hispanic and the other is black.

  3. The only difference between being charged as an adult vs a juvenile is their records won’t be sealed. They’ll still get a veritable slap on the wrist. The only justice either of these animals will ever receive in the real world is if they get blown away by an intended robbery victim. And since they are Vegas animals it could happen. TONS of CCW holders there.

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