14 thoughts on “Now it isn’t just the 97% (plus) survival rate

  1. We call those doctors “morons” in the trade.
    It’s roughly the same 20% that should have gone to vet school, or maybe become lab techs, at best. But I don’t think that’s what the Daily Fail meant.

    When you administer a simple COVID nasal swab test, you can tell COVID from anything else in a few minutes, at the bedside.

    If you can’t see diffuse bilateral pneumonia on a chest X-ray that takes 5 seconds to shoot, and 30 seconds to download to the medical record, you also know that it’s COVID that can be sent home to rest and drink fluids. Like a cold.

    Daily Mail has the brains of a hamster on this, collectively, and they had to have assigned one of their stupidest reporters (and for reporters, that’s quite an achievement) to write it up.

    It’s one thing to say average COVID symptoms have mutated to extremely mild; they absolutely have, now (versus three years ago).
    But printing “Doctors can’t tell”…??
    Jackassically stupid, unless these were newspaper editors playing doctor, because they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once.

    So, how has listening to the media giving medical advice worked out for anyone this decade?

    • But when it comes to the US Banana Republic Powers That Be, and their wholly-owned house organ media lickspittles, you’re absolutely correct that they’re trying to gin up a new excuse for the 2024 steal.

      It’s what they do.

  2. Perhaps you should read the article. You’d look less foolish

    Symptom wise, they can’t tell the difference . (‘Cause most of the time there is no difference)

    But then again, you’d have to bother to read the article to find that out, rather than just assume.

    Perhaps you should tone down the arrogant thinking JUST A BIT so that you are merely mortal. You’ve gone over the top once again.

    PS: Listening to experts such as yourself hasn’t worked out any better

    • Sorry, but doctors don’t just look at “symptoms”, which are half subjective, half objective, (and generally about half-truthful: everyone lies) before they make a diagnosis.

      (At least, they don’t do that here; whatever passes for half-assed National Health Service medical care frequently makes Mexican shade-tree “clinics” and Haitian witch doctors look not-so-bad.)

      They order diagnostic tests, like the bedside COVID test I mentioned, and a chest X-ray. Which takes about 10 minutes, total.

      Even a tech in a doctor’s office, or the patient themself, can do the COVID nasal swab.

      Pardon me for knowing how actual medicine is practiced, unlike the hacks at the Daily Mail.

      If doctors in Britistan are “trusting the force” and diagnosing patients like they were Hippocrates practicing in 400 B.C., without benefit of further inquiry or illumination, they deserve to be as confused about the difference between COVID and a cold as they evidently are, and they’re probably still diagnosing diabetes by tasting urine.

      Meanwhile, I told you COVID wasn’t going to be any worse than a 3% CFR; it peaked here at 2.9%. I told you 90 days in that lockdowns weren’t helping, and should be ended. I told you to avoid the not-a-vaxx Jabs. I told you the third- and fourth-order complications from COVID would make the direct impact of the virus pale into insignificance.

      So, Biden’s in the White House, and as a direct result of that, there’s a widening war aflame in Europe for the first time in 70 years, the borders are wide open, crime is up across the board and running rampant, official inflation supposedly peaked at a raging 9% (over 6 times what it was in Jan. 2020), actual inflation is at least twice that, and any two days out of seven, people have serious cause to wonder if civil or thermonuclear war, or both, is in the offing.

      Kindly inform me where I got any of that wrong. I’d really like to hear that one, based on things I actually said, and not on what “everyone thinks they know I said, because some anonymous wiseass in Comments aid it was so”.

      The argument always disappears like fog on a sunny day at that point.

      • “Kindly inform me where I got any of that wrong. I’d really like to hear that one, based on things I actually said, and not on what “everyone thinks they know I said, because some anonymous wiseass in Comments aid it was so”.

        DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!
        Like B said, did READ the article????
        Stop the bloviating

      • Sure you did. You told us Covid was gonna be bad, then reversed yourself. That it was taking over your hospital and you didn’t have the staff….then changed that story too. That you were running out of ventilators (and techs) but the that somehow faded away as well.

        I also remember the Ebola fearmongering that fizzled like a Fusion bomb without deuterium. Lots more where your vaunted Medical Theory (it appears you are some kind of Medical Tech rather than a Medical Perfessional,) was pushed down to us peasants because we were too stupid to understand…that turned out to be a big bunch of fail if not outright lies. You persist in telling everyone masks work when the statistics just don’t bear that out, but you mindlessly follow your training about it (like those cops that you disparage follow their their training)….without thinking. You were told that and you follow it. Like a religion.

        And, again, did you bother to read the article? Covid PRESENTS just like all the other respiratory viruses, and UNTIL TESTED cannot be easily identified. But since you know so much I guess you didn’t need to read what was written.

        Yer a smart dude, and present a lot of good ideas and knowledge, But your arrogance and bluster make you you an ass most of the time.

        • Your bile is noted.
          Exactly none of what you just described actually happened, and most of what you think happened is pure fabrication. It it were otherwise, you’d flog any contrary citation of it to death. I won’t bother to refute it on your blog, but everything I’ve ever posted sits on mine, ready for anyone to see for themselves.
          So thanks for proving my point.
          You’ve got nothing, so hand-waving.🙄
          But hey, Matt loves you, so it wasn’t all a waste.

          COVID symptom presentation is medically utterly meaningless to doctors, exactly like with 90-95% of all diseases since ever, making both the premise of the article and any take on it, pure codswallop.

          Google “pathognomonic”.

          The premise of the article is on the same level as telling people that “everyone has fingers”, and fallaciously concluding thereby that fingerprints don’t prove anything.

          This article is simply an exercise in combining Gell-Mann with Dunning-Kruger.
          The result is never pretty, but far from uncommon.

          Now help Matt get his thumb out of his other end, so he can hold it up.

          • OR it could be I simply don’t care to go through years of posts on your blog and show you where you said it.

            Which you did.

            You know it, and unless you purged your blog (which I think you are too honest to do) then it’s there if you look.

            But keep believing you are always correct and that your predictions are always on point.
            Where do you buy your hats?
            I’m out of this convo. Feel free to continue it with yourself.

  3. You can differentiate between COVID and other viral respiratory illnesses by using a lab test. The more common tests give results for a dozen or more viral pathogens. But CLINICALLY viral respiratory illnesses are extremely difficult to diagnose as Influenza vs RSV vs Coronavirus. They all cause essentially the same basic set of symptoms. And they are all essentially treated the same way for normal mild cases.

    • You’re conflating clinical presentation with diagnosis.

      They aren’t the same thing, much like an egg vs. a live chicken.

      The number of symptoms that are pathognomonic is miniscule compared to the number that are non-specific, which latter includes virtually every subjective symptom of every URI.

      That doesn’t mean “doctors can’t tell”, it just means actual doctors don’t perform wishcasting guesses based on vague clues.

      You know that, but it’s news to certain UK newspapers.

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