That oughta work out well…

Like “smoking around the Hindenburg” well.


Illinois ends Cash Bail

(Because “no one deserves to be in jail because they don’t have the money to get bailed out”) Perhaps stop committing crimes? (And yes, People of Color AND lower economic status DO commit more crimes that other segments of society. Statistics show it, and like it or not it is the truth).

So criminals can get out of jail…..with no incentive for them to show up in court for their crimes…..

Why arrest anyone then?

What incentive is there to follow the law? Usta be that bail was a part of the deterrent…now that is gone.

I expect this socialist experiment will not end well for the citizens of Illinois. I feel sorry for the more “urban” folks.

Good luck, and remember, you voted for this shit.



One thought on “That oughta work out well…

  1. All part of the plan to destroy America. And NO…we did NOT vote for this. Trhe left STOLE the elections necessary to gain control so they could implement their agenda.

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