“Lack of evidence”

In other words, there is NO Evidence that masks actually made a difference…..which means they didn’t. If they did there’d be some results that they could point to.

But then again, anyone with more than two neurons to rub together could have told you that…..In fact, may of us DID state exactly that. But we weren’t government (or media ) “Experts”…just folks with common sense, so we were ignored.

But everyone was told “trust the “Experts”….who had absolutely no reason to make any of the statements they did, no evidence except that “that is what they do in hospitals”…..

But since it doesn’t make a difference, they want us to mask up again…..This isn’t about Public Health, it is about Compliance. Anyone with the cognitive ability of limp Broccoli can tell you that Masks Don’t Work.


2 thoughts on ““Lack of evidence”

  1. “Masks Don’t Work” is exactly the wrong lesson.
    Masks work.

    The message, and the admission, is that masking and masking policies don’t work.
    Like we told people three-plus years ago. And for the exact reason we laid out at the time.

    To put it in terms you can grok, airplanes work.
    Giving everyone an airplane to fly won’t.
    You can understand why that’s so.
    In fact, nearly everyone gets why not everyone should have a pilot’s license, or an airplane. Because they’ve seen people drive.

    But the utopians were shocked to find out that masks are too hard for most people to operate.
    Sad, certainly, but true.
    We have an entire pandemic of operational knowledge on that score.

    Adjust your expectations of society appropriately.

    • Oh, no, I agree that masking properly is too hard for many folks to comprehend, much less implement in their daily lives.

      But MASKS DON’T WORK for long term use to prevent exposure from people that have covid or other respiratory viruses. They don’t keep people that have covid from spreading the virus when worn long term and they don’t keep people from getting the virus if they don’t have it. Even if worn properly.


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