I did my Insurance Mandated Refresher training in the 340. It was challenging and fun.


Due to some issues with getting the plane back to flight worthy and such, it was an issue with timing. I missed three openings in August because the plane was not ready, and it was fortuitous that this opening happened in the manner that it did, as I have to do this every 24 calendar months and I last did it 20 Aug 2021….And I could not fly the plane without a 340 experienced instructor until I completed the training…..

However, the trainer had to be nearby for other commitments, so it worked, as he then needed a ride home….. so we met, preflighted the plane, and I flew it to Minneapolis, doing the training there (and on the way). Then I flew back home. He helped pay for the gas, so It worked out.

Challenging, I must say. Pretty much a biennial flight review for twin engine flying mixed with a checkride. .

I did get compliments on my flying, handling of the airplane and of the fact that I tend to stay well ahead of the airplane (pilots, especially instrument pilots, will understand).

Overall the trip was fun. I am still not happy with the way the engines are set up, and will be pursuing that further. Plus the CHT’s were not where they should be. That is gonna get worked on.

But I can fly again and still have insurance now, so there is that.


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