It’s a bitch, innit?

I mean, getting what you asked for…..

Mayor Eric Adams says New York City’s migrant crisis will DESTROY the Big Apple as he warns that 10,000 illegal asylum seekers arriving EVERY month will flood EACH of the five boroughs: ‘The city we knew, we’re about to lose’


This is my unsympathetic face. You folks supported illegal immigration as long as it was someone else’s problem. Now it has become your problem as well. Enjoy it.


“The dido of consequences seldom comes lubed”


7 thoughts on “It’s a bitch, innit?

  1. To whom in Texas and Arizona can we send money to help finance sending more illegals to NYC?

    Anon 2

  2. Yep, it’s real easy to preen and declare about sanctuary cities and that “no human is illegal” when you don’t have to bear the costs of illegal immigration.

    Yep, no sympathy for them here either. They encouraged it, and now they got it and get to handle the consequences.

  3. It’s easy to be a sanctuary city until you have to BE a sanctuary city and put up with a small percentage of the illegals.

  4. so 100k immigrants/illegals a year go to nyc, 10k bussed up from texas crashes the whole city? lack of leadership bro. but going back, sanctuary city.nuff said.

  5. Why are you now complaining. You’re getting the chance to experience the joy of that diversity you’ve been promoting and forcing on everyone else. Enjoy the culture, the additional taxes for benefits, the increase in crime and all the other great effects from a policy that you supported. I guess that old saying; “out of sight, out of mind” ain’t working so well now. Damn hypocrites.

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