Send everyone involved back across the border.

So it seems that a bunch of “Migrants” (read Illegal alien invaders) got all squirrely at the 12th precinct police station in Chicago (where they are allowed to sleep, shelter, and use the bathroom facilities) when an officer tried to arrest one of their number for Assault.

Such a commotion was created that in the huhu the police Sargent at the precinct called for backup from other precincts….and was so worried about repercussions that the first order of business was “Cameras On!” …

Any single person that in any way impeded the arrest of the “migrant” charged with assault should be immediately sent back to the border and tossed over it. I’m sure there is video that could be used to identify the people involved.

But that is not the Biden way. It keeps happening and they keep letting it happen.

But that is the way of these people. Arrogant and not law abiding. Sadly, without some sort of Tune-Up they will not learn to be, either.

One thought on “Send everyone involved back across the border.

  1. Many people just don’t realize how ruthless these illegal invaders are. Even people who LEGALLY come from Mexico and South America… among other places… are nothing more than the same ruthless people with slightly more patience. Once here, THEY TAKE OVER. By the time the Americans in their areas of operation have a clue as to what’s going on, it’s too late. Even my wife, a naturalized citizen of the US, born in Mexico, says this! She, by the way bleeds RED, WHITE, and BLUE. I’m not being a bigot here. This is MY OBSERVATION over DECADES. In California it started as “We only want the jobs no one else wants.” PURE BULLSHIT. Reagan did his “one time” “amnesty,” and the floodgates opened. Green cards in hand, the took EVERY job. In today’s California, you need to be bilingual just to get a job. And if it’s a choice between a white… or even BLACK… bilingual and a Mexican,… guess who gets the job… Good luck finding a construction site where ANY English is spoken. Work crews showing up where I work commonly only have ONE English-speaking person! Illegals are now allowed to VOTE in various “city elections,” as if they’ll be given a different ballot, one WITHOUT state and federal election choices. They’re also allowed to WORK in state government positions!

    Us Conservatives in the wild West have been waving the red flags and lanterns, warning the rest of the country about what’s coming at them, but to no avail… Again, they slept in too long. I truly fear it’s too late for America…

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