Trash Panda overload

Germany’s cities are,  apparently,  overrun with feral Raccoons, who are doing a great deal of damage to houses, apartments and offices.

They do thousands of dollars of damage to peoples homes, and settle down in the kitchen and eat the food and drink the beers.

Nothing that a couple of air rifles couldn’t stop in a week or two, but the government won’t allow hunting.



5 thoughts on “Trash Panda overload

  1. …The Germans are being just plain STUPID about this. Put a bounty on them and hand out the pellet guns in urban settings, and “stronger stuff” in rural ones!!! Funny; these folks seem to like having invaders come in and destroy the place!

  2. Given a choice of invasive species, I’ll take a raccoon over a python any day.

    You thought I was going to say illegal didn’t you? Anything is better than a damn snake.

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