So once again we see that Blue governments

Simply cannot respond to anything in an emergency……


In Lahaina, it appears that the local and State people simply waited for the Feds to show up with aid….food, water, and shelter.

Stories of 2 or more days without water and food…until people got to a Federal aid station. No food and no water or any support from the State.

It appears that the situation is reminiscent of the poor response by the State of Louisiana (blue)  (as compared to Mississippi(red)) during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I am sure that the government of Hawaii and that of Maui will blame the Feds for not feeding and sheltering the fire victims, but it really isn’t the Feds job to get there immediately….it is the States.

And like Katrina, this is a Hard Fail for the Blue folks.

One thought on “So once again we see that Blue governments

  1. I have 2 sisters that live in Hawaii. And whatever blue or red reference you make…will be accurate.
    The Hawaiian people are trained/taught/inculcated from childbirth to let others take care of you. Ohana is their word for it; family/blood/neighborly. Whatever it is; it didn’t work this time.
    It didn’t work this time because NO-ONE had anything to give to their fellow man. Or to help them out.
    And so they wait……
    Waiting for SOMEONE to help.
    I just saw a video of a native Hawaiian lass and how distraught she was because NOW; people are boat-lifting supplies to families at secluded beaches.
    Well, DUH you bint. What did you think they would do!??!!? Continue to wait for salvation from the feds!??!?!

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