So the way I see it…..

They Left and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) are so terribly afraid of the Donald that they are stacking indictment on indictment just to be sure to tar him as much as possible, and in the hope that at least Something sticks….they have failed every other time…..And they are getting desperate.

So desperate, in fact, that they really don’t care what the average Man-in-the-Street thinks…they don’t care that nearly every conservative voter and fully half of the Leftist voters see this as nothing more than an attempt to Do Something to Keep Trump From Running in 2024 (Or keep him so busy with his trials that he doesn’t have time to campaign).

The prosecutors aren’t even pretending to be impartial, or that they are looking for the Truth or to do the Right Thing. Fully, blatantly, clearly partisan.


Sad what desperate people will do, innit?

If only the Left could come up with a candidate people would vote FOR,,,,,and one that they could elect without blatant electoral fraud.

I’d prefer someone besides Trump, but even I can see what is happening.

One thought on “So the way I see it…..

  1. If the Donk candidate can win an election from his basement, Trump can win from a jail cell!

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