When I was a little boy, at dinner time, my Mom always told me I had to eat everything on my plate “Because little kids are starving in Africa….so I ate everything.


But as I got older, I started to think…..How did eating this plate of food in any way help those “Starving Kids in Africa”?


Of course, asking that question of my parents was not happy making for me. But they still never answered it….

Thing is, despite all the aid over 50+ years, both US taxpayer aid, UN extorted dollars as aid, or private aid, there is still starvation in those same countries in Africa…..

WIth or without clean plates on US dinner tables.

2 thoughts on “Y’know….

  1. The US pays farmers not to grow food.
    We alone could literally feed the world.
    If the rest of all of the do-gooders on the planet really wanted to solve “world hunger”, they’d come up with a way to pay us to do so.

  2. I grew up in that era (after the noble subsistence farming) when the farmers were urged to plant “fence row to fence row”.
    And what came of that practice? More corporate and industrial farms.
    Yes we could feed the world with our production. But, why? I mean when we do ship food to other countries; the war lords syphon off about 90% of it and give it to their tribe members. And all the other tribes are left starving.
    Oh and all of those weepy and tear jerking commercials with starved children….did you ever see a male adult in them? Nope, that’s because the mooslime males get fed first, then the child bearing women and if there is anything left; the kids.

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