8 thoughts on “NASA (JPL) got lucky

  1. The spacecraft continues to fly away from earth.

    It’s the comm antenna they got unf**ked, and pointed back at JPL, instead of a couple of degrees off, at endless space.

    Mind you, these are the same space geniuses who flew a Mars probe into Mars at terminal velocity, because they became confused by feet vs. meters.

    If/when they do this again, one can only hope it isn’t with a manned flight.

    • I wasn’t cranky at all, then or now, and if you took it that way, my apologies.

      But as you noted in the OP, the problem is at JPL, one most car mechanics recognize when they describe a problem as “Loose nut behind the wheel”.

      I won’t even bother about Grog’s unquenchable need to chime into an A-B conversation having nothing to do with the OP. I take him at his word that that’s unfixable. Noted.

  2. Your edit for mollification was not successful. He will never be less than 200 % analytical, because he doesn’t know when to tell himself to not be overly verbose.

    Respectfully, dude, if you don’t like my comment, piss off. With the disintegration of society in full swing, I don’t care.

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