78 years ago

The US effectively ended the War in the Pacific.

All the outcries about the deaths of the Japanese? Yeah, they killed more in Tokyo with the fires that the “conventional” bombing caused.

And, frankly, I don’t care. War is about killing people and breaking things until your opponent stops making war and fighting. Period.

The Atomic Bombs were simply a more efficient way to do that.

And honestly, the Japanese deaths mattered less than the American and allied deaths that would have come had they invaded Japan. Keeping THOSE deaths to a minimum is/was a higher goal that worrying about how many Japanese might or might not have died.




4 thoughts on “78 years ago

  1. My grandfather maintained until the day he died the atom bomb saved his life. Although in the Navy, he was given infantry training in preparation for the invasion of the Japanese home islands.

  2. I read a book about the decision by Truman to drop the bombs, and how tough it was for him to decide. I don’t think it was all that hard to decide at all. Not only because of the immediate reason of ending the war with Japan quicker, but for the greater reason of a warning to not only the USSR, but to any other nation that might be tempted in the future to take action against us, for fear of our willingness to use the bomb.
    Was it the right thing to do or not, I guess will never be decided by the scholars either way. As time goes on, and the shine fades from America, due to our own leadership’s action, likely the tide will turn against us, and we will become even greater villains for the dropping of those two bombs, no matter how many lives that they really did save. It does seem to be like whatever we as a nation do, it cause greater condemnation from the world community, led by the United Nations. Of course that doesn’t keep the POS from holding out their hands for our money.

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