Once again, NASCAR disses it’s fans for Wokeness

This time, the Noah Gragson debacle.


He “Liked” a post. One that someone, somewhere, on the Left thought was racist (might have been classless, and tasteless, but ’twasn’t racist)….and very few who might be offended by said post are fans of racing anyway.

This is as stupid as the contrived “Noose” thing with Bubba Wallace…..it was a garage door pull but they had to…..for some reason, manufacture an incident so that NASCAR could somehow “prove” that they weren’t racist. Even Bubba was embarrassed by the incident and wished it would have gone away. (Of course, until then, no one cared about Bubba’s ancestors, only his racing…but after that, race WAS an issue)

Now they suspend a kid for free speech. Because some Left-leaning asshole complained.

I stopped caring about NASCAR (was once a rabid fan) when they did the Bubba thing, and it has become less and less important to me for many reasons…But the Wokeness is a great deal of my dissatisfaction with the series.

What NASCAR fails to realize is that the Left leaning folks will never be fans of NASCAR style racing, and alienating the fans that they still have won’t bring those left leaning Woke people into their audience.

Get Woke Go Broke. Bet on NASCAR falling down that well real soon.


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  1. Someone should dig into bubbi smollett’s social media , he no doubt “liked” a african killing a cop or a White person. But that’s all right.

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