More evidence than they had on Trump…


Yet Biden (both Slow Joe and Hunter) have not had ANY indictments….Why is that?

Where is the DOJ? Why aren’t they acting on this???

RELEASED: Bombshell FBI document detailing alleged $10M Biden bribery scheme: Burisma CEO said Hunter was ‘stupid’ but necessary to keep on board because ‘his dad’ could ‘protect’ them from ‘problems’

(I especially like these two quotes:)

‘it costs 5 (million) to pay one Biden, and 5 (million) to another Biden:

“Hunter ‘was stupid’ and the CEO’s dog was smarter, he was needed on the board ‘so everything will be okay”

At some point we are gonna have to clean out the Department of “Justice”….get rid of the partisan hacks. Fire anyone who simply didn’t bother to do their job when they had evidence like this. Every single one who knew and chose to “Just Follow Orders”…


Then, of course, there is this:

“IRS Criminal Investigator Joseph Ziegler confirmed the Biden family has accepted over $17 million in foreign payments”

One wonders if they are releasing this now just to keep Joe from running again….and who will be the anointed one for the next election? More importantly,



6 thoughts on “More evidence than they had on Trump…

  1. I got a letter today from pedo joe’s revenuers , said I under paid $150 or so. They ain’t gonna cut me a deal. Pay or else.

  2. Get rid of “the partisan hacks”?

    That would be all of them.

    Burn the building to the ground, salt the earth, prosecute every swinging Richard employed there, and anyone who’s acquitted is banned from further federal employment for life, including janitorial jobs with the National Park Service.

    Anything worthwhile they do should be handed off to the U.S. Marshals, and the rest should be prohibited activity in perpetuity, and prosecuted as treason.

    I’d also like world peace, and a pony for Christmas.

      • Demonstrably.

        Not least of which by being orders of magnitude smaller.

        Just like with towns, size brings anonymity.

        • I’ve only known 4 US Marshalls, and they were no better than the FBI agents that I have known. All of them just followed orders and none were very smart.
          Small sample size on both, so you may be right.

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