Y’know….the press folks,

(I won’t call ’em “journalists” ) just can’t understand how Trump keeps his poll numbers up. They keep using words like “despite the indictment”….

Ferinstance: “Trump holds 34 POINT lead over DeSantis in New Hampshire – even after latest indictment:”

And, again, while Donnie is not my first choice, he does have my support…because anyone can see that the establishment (and by that I mean not only the DNC types, but also a significant part of the RNC/GOP as well) are doing whatever they can to try and distract him, hassle him, and entrap him. The charges are as obviously false as the last presidential election was honest, and as objective as say the DO and FBI….And the different application of the law against Trump (as opposed ot other presidential types) is as obvious as an elephant in church….

The more they attack him, the more support he garners. Anyone with two working neurons to rub together….with the cognitive ability of a grapefruit can see  that the charges in yet another “Scandal” are (ahem) “Trumped up”….and the obvious attempts to use( abuse!) the “Justice System” to stop him from running… and even people like me, who dislike him, are angered by that.

4 thoughts on “Y’know….the press folks,

  1. DJT was not my first choice either. But all of our Republic’s powerful enemies appear to have DJT as their #1 enemy, so at the very least: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine
    All patriots, regardless of opinion of DJT, must guard him from this oppression.

  2. yeah i was done w/ trump after the mcenany thing but this shite just ain’t right and i’m a sucker for an under dog. and anyone the swamp and rinos are after is my friend.

  3. It was twos year into his term before I called him “President”.
    Wasn’t a fan but started seeing the Conservative stuff he was accomplishing.
    2020 I was willing to crawl naked over broken glass and barbed wire to vote for him.
    Today, X100

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