‘Tis indicative of …something

That many of the “Juneteenth”  *(what a stupid name) celebrations are erupting in violence…..shootings and beatings, deaths and injury….

20+ shot in one Chicago area celebration alone….

You can draw your own conclusions but I won’t ’cause if i do someone will call me a racist….But the correlations are obvious.

Probably the fault of the Amish…..

5 thoughts on “‘Tis indicative of …something

  1. I’ll jump the shark, B!! If black folk want to be taken seriously, they’ll leave the “Ebonics” behind. Also, they’ll quit co-opting plagearizing everyone else’s ideas and come up with some of their own. Case in point; “Juneteenth” is NOT the entire name of the “holiday.” It’s “Juneteenth National Independence Day.” Just as with their “Black National Anthem,” They again attempt to rewrite history. Sorry kids, but JULY 4TH is Independence Day. I’ve heard several times over the year about how much better and more advanced Africa would have been if it hadn’t been “colonized.” Hey, Jemal, Africans wouldn’t have had ELECTRICITY or RUNNING WATER if Europeans hadn’t shown up, let alone the firearms the people there can’t seem to get enough use out of! Come to think of it, CHICAGO is looking a lot like Africa these days…

    …If someone wants to call me “racist” for speaking the TRUTH, they can HAVE AT IT!!!

    • what kills me is that they spent a hundred years trying to be an equal part of society but now they want to be separate and above our society. if we proposed separate graduations/housing/campus centers they’d scream bloody murder white supremacy racism etc from the rooftops.

      • …These dopes are RE-SEGREGATING THEMSELVES!!! The folks that were ACTUALLY AFFECTED by segregation are rolling in their graves right now!!!

  2. Several people werw hurt during a “Junetenth” party……maybe it was too close to father’s day…..so much confusion on that day …?

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