Patient(s) Zero

So we now know that three researchers who were (coincidentally enough) working with “Covid like” diseases were the first people to be diagnosed with, and actually get, Covid. 


Funny, innit? Despite years of denials from the Chinese (and the people paid for by the Chinese, like say, Fauci and other US government officials who downplayed the idea) the truth is coming out that Covid came from a lab, (it was engineered) and it didn’t come from bats sold in a market, it spread from people (likely from a lab leak(, and was spread by the workers themselves…..It may have been developed from a disease found in a bat cave, but it didn’t move 200 miles by itself, it didn’t develop spontaneously

The Chinese are the originators of this Pandemic. Chinese Government. Likely once it spread from the lab, they chose to help spread it to the world….

We can leave the question as to whether it was all that much more dangerous than most other respiratory disease that people spread every year for another time….





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  1. …Funny how us “conspiracy theorists” are, say, 100% RIGHT, SO FAR!!!

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