So now that Joe and the DNC

Have bought the midterm election with the oil from the Strategic Petroleum reserve…..keeping gasoline prices low so as to not anger the average voter….


It would seem that they are not (as of 5/26/2023) bothering to refill it.


We went from 505 million barrels of crude oil in reserve a year ago to 355 million barrels today (5/26). A drop of 30%.

The important part here is that the SPR sales were not for Strategic purposes…the security of the country, but for the express purpose of reducing pricing to keep people less unhappy just before the election…a misuse if ever there was one. The US is weaker today that it was a year ago….for political power. Tells us where their priorities lie, doesn’t it?

And Joe isn’t even trying to rebuild the level. I think having less oil in the SPR (and a weaker position for the USA) is a feature for the DNC types….

3 thoughts on “So now that Joe and the DNC

  1. and all the while telling us that he wouldn’t let it go down by more than 10%. not that anyone believed him anyway.

  2. And most of that oil went to China…. But then again Xi Jinping OWNS the Biden Family Crime Syndicate.

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