No doubt that they will blame Trump and Right Wing Extremists

And if that doesn’t fly it will be the fault of Climate Change.

Or maybe White People and their privilege.

Philadelphia’s I-95 overpass COLLAPSES after massive fire from tanker that burst into flames underneath: Highway is shut as authorities battle to prevent further destruction

Since it is (so far) just a single incident I doubt that it is Domestic Terrorism……

But it does show us how determined people could cause chaos to our transportation system with enough properly targeted attacks.


Glad I ain’t going through Philly anytime soon though.



11 thoughts on “No doubt that they will blame Trump and Right Wing Extremists

  1. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss “domestic terrorism.” We have seen hundreds of food processing plants either blown up, burned down, or seriously damaged by “accidents” ALL since Mr. Potatohead was put on the throne. I-95 is a major corridor in the area, the alternatives are not terribly convenient, especially for truckers (who the administration hates…along with anyone else actually contributing something useful to society), and the criminal infestation needs every possible distraction now that the indictments and likely impeachment proceedings are coming nearer.

    • I’m not discounting anything… Yet. But once in a row doesn’t really hurt the US as a whole. so it may well just be an accident.

      You need to look at real statistics and stop repeating urban legend though as regards the “Food Plant Fires” look at historical data before repeating that lie….The number of plant fires has remained nearly constant for over 15 years. I actually looked into it hard a few months ago when it was all the rage to believe that….But it is bullshit.
      But don’t let me get past yer tinfoil hat…..believe whatever they told you to believe.

      • and most of those “major food processing plants” were just one room mom and pop hippie vegan whole foods yada yada . like the 18,000 cows killed in the barn fire. there are more cows than people in the u.s, 18k if true would be a drop in the bucket. not terrorism, just third world incompetence. it will increase rapidly.

  2. The Joisey Turnpike will get you through. No one in their right mind wii drive through Killadelphia.

  3. At this point, it’s just easier to start with
    Done on purpose
    And be ready to learn it Was Just a very lousy time to have an accident.
    After all the Coincidences I’ve seen, and how obviously so many are designed, I’m just gonna start there and wait to discover I was wrong.

  4. Very curious the truck stopped under a bridge.
    Not just any bridge, but a bridge on a major interstate.

  5. I’m not discounting “deliberate act” or “trial run for crippling society” – the people in Washington are evil and I do not trust any of them – but it seems periodically Davey Dumbshit does something stupid while driving a gasoline tank truck. I don’t have national data on it, but in the last 25 years I know of 4 such incidents within 200 miles of me.

    I’d look first to inadequate driver training, poor vehicle maintenance, and local and state governments asleep at the wheel in the areas of monitoring OTR trucks carrying hazardous materials and listing certain routes as Off Limits.

    I do not consider it unreasonable for local and/or state government to specify certain routes, certain roadways and certain intersections verboten to flammable liquid carriers, with extremely high fines for violations. If a mile of rural Route 91 in Nowheresville, Idaho needs to be shut down for a year and rebuilt, the impact will be small; a major interstate carrying many thousands of vehicles daily because it’s a major component of the economy getting shut down for 6-8 months, the impact will be huge, and so will the replacement cost. Adding 10-15 minutes to the supplier’s drive time to deliver 8,000 gallons to the Gas-N-Go to protect a major economic and social component seems, to me at least, a no-brainer.

    Which, of course, would require near total replacement of the people in government we *supposedly* depend upon to demonstrate understanding of the risks and costs and act responsibly. Good luck with that.

    Anon 2

  6. never blame enemy action when stupidity is the most logical conclusion. welcome to third world shithole status. things like this will continue and accelerate as the coutry goes deeper into a banana republic. all those “migrants” have to work somewhere.

  7. Butbutbut…
    This is unpossible.
    Rosie O’Fat@$$ assured us on TV in 2001 that fire can’t melt steel.

    Because apparently anything made of steel is delivered to humans by FedEx straight from Vulcan’s Forge, or perhaps Valhalla.

    • Not sure if the beams were steel or prestressed concrete…Concrete would not handle the fire nearly as well as steel beams would, so that might be an issue. and explain the failure of the one side and the shutdown of the other….

      But your point is well made.

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