Double standards

They indicted Trump….again.

Classified documents.

They must REALLY fear him running again. Like fear that they won’t be able to cheat the vote enough afraid.

Odd how they haven’t charged Biden, Pence, or even Hillary Clinton (Who did much worse than Trump, but she was a Democrat so that’s ok, her Server debacle was forgiven….)

Look: I don’t really want him as President either, but let’s be fair and apply the law equally….or not at all.


10 thoughts on “Double standards

  1. DeSantis ain’t going to be president so it’s Trump like it or not.

    • I want to see the Constitutional Crisis when the winning candidate for all the marbles is sitting in a prison cell.

      Interesting Times are coming like a freight train.

  2. It Was Going to be Trump.. But,,, Biden..Deep State is running things now.. Until the levers of power are wrestled from their satanic hands.

  3. Witchhunt, no doubt about it. Seven years of constant legal harassment while taxpayers pay for Lefts political ammunition to be provided for free for them. This is no mere coincidence – Deep State operatives are at work and play

    May fire ants build their nest in their colons …

  4. I’ll write Trump in on my ballot if necessary. It’s plain to see that my vote doesn’t count, so it might as well go down as a statement.

    …Anyone who can’t see the BLATANT weaponization of our legal system to unhorse a political opponent is just plain too far gone…

    …America has slept it’s way into a situation it’ll need to shoot its way out of…

  5. So…you don’t really want Trump as POTUS? Pray tell who then… Name just ONE SINGLE HONEST PERSON who has any chance whatsoever of winning. Go ahead. Name someone BETTER than Trump who might have any chance at all.
    I’ll wait. I won’t hold my breath though.

    • Dude, take a chill…

      He was ineffective and failed. Doesn’t mean he is not honest.
      No Republican has a chance at this point.
      I got no one that I can really support.

      But that whole conversation is for another time. Not here.

  6. Trump was elected by the benefit of anti-Hillary voters.

    Trump is hated and feared by even more people than Hillary. Biden won by capturing the votes of suburban women who despise a Trump (and a lot of help from election officials).

    If Trump gets the nomination again the uniformed voters will believe all of the charges, the suburban white women will double down, and the big city political machine will refine their vote counting even more. Trump cannot win.

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