Are things getting sporty in Moscow?

Numerous reports and lots of fragmented information about fighting, but not enough details.


The TV “News” isn’t saying anything.

A failed Coup?


3 thoughts on “Are things getting sporty in Moscow?

  1. international media has jumped on it. wagner group got tired of being bombed by their own air force, especially in light of incompetent army leadership that led to casualties. i think they were just pulling out of the fray in protest, but an increasingly isolated putin believed the hype that it was a coup attempt and attacked his old friend. i guess the next few hours will tell. i wonder how much the cia had to pay him.

    • 6.2 billion probably. If any of this is even what (((they))) are saying. I’m going with “i don’t have a fucking clue but it could be a lie”.

  2. 1) What makes you think it’s “failed”?
    2) By what leap of illogic does anyone pretend that Prigozhin has no justification for his actions? You imagine Putin has been more honorable to him than Biden has been to you all?? Show your work.

    The Wagner Group has been Russia’s go-to armed force for over a decade.
    If this is group-wide, it’d be like the Marines deciding to take on the Army for control of the U.S.
    Win, lose, or draw, it’s going to leave a mark.

    And if you think Moscow can successfully fight in Ukraine while undergoing what may be the first of many internal revolts, I have a bridge to Crimea to sell you. Cheap.

    You might want to stock up on SPF 10,000,000.
    Things could escalate rapidly.

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