Well, that was …interesting.

So I tend to carry my cell phone in my back pocket. Which is ok, until I fell backwards and landed on it. Left the phone with a noticeable bend in it along the top-to-bottom (longest) axis….

Besides my sore buttock, it didn’t seem to be a big deal.


Until I called a friend an hour or so later and during the call the phone grew REALLY hot…rapidly enough that it went from room temp(ish) to well over 150 degrees in about a second. (150F seems to be my “drop it” temp for whatever I am holding)… I did indeed drop it on the kitchen floor and it continued to get hotter…until it started to smoke.. Thinking I had damaged the battery, and having heard many horror stories of Lithium-Ion battery runaway fires, I quickly got an oven mitt and tossed it outside…..Where it sat and cooled down. The phone was DOA (at least the screen, touchscreen, and such….Oddly it did work via the Bluetooth connection in the car when I took it to the Verizon store…

Anyway, it was replaced the next day….of course the backup for the contacts was corrupted, so there may or may not be a complete restore….Had to do the restore manually because the entire automated backup/restore thing is predicated on both the old phone and the new phone having full working parts…like the screen on the old phone and the camera on the new one so they can synch…which fails when the screen on the old phone is dark. Having to call to do a setup and getting a poorly trained “support”  person did not help either.


I must say that for the 17 hours that I had no phone it was kinda peaceful though.

One thought on “Well, that was …interesting.

  1. I’ve seen lots of videos of lithium battery fires, pretty cool until it happens to you !!.
    I keep my old phones and use them as cameras or MP3 players etc and a few months ago, when I went to get the backup phone, the battery had expanded 5X and looked about ready to burst !!!!
    I left it alone and the power drained so it’s “normal” now.
    For “fun”, I may charge it up again and take it to the range and see what something subsonic will do to it.
    I had a four day weekend last week and did NOT look at my email the entire time.
    Glorious feeling !!!

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