Just Plane News

So Ram Engines has said that I will get the first engine (shipped) on or about the 15th of June, with the second engine to follow about 10-14 days later.

We shall see, but I hope to be flying mid July. Gonna be like starting all over. I’ve been flying smaller, less powerful (and much less capable and MUCH less well equipped) airplanes since October.

All good things come to those who wait and all that. This has been an exercise in personal growth. I’m not a patient person. But on this, I have had no choice.


On the bright side, I’ve saved a lot of money in operating expenses……

5 thoughts on “Just Plane News

  1. Just make sure you ease back into the bird… Reaction times are, as you well know, significantly different.

  2. I am assuming it is RC planes we are talking about and not one of the skunk works birds?

  3. First world problems….. won’t be too long before there won’t be any craftsmen left in AmerIca who can build aircraft engines.

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