I wonder if the Dems will admit they were wrong?

Oh, c’mon, stop laughing. Some of them have principles…

(Ok, I can’t name oven one, but surely some of them do…..It could happen, you know…) I mean folks like Ms Misfit and her ilk. She used to be rational, so maybe ….I mean, this could shock her out of her Trump Derangement…..It could happen….

Ex-CIA chief admitted that the ‘Dirty 51’ letter ‘WAS political’ as agency conspired with Biden campaign to produce it and falsely claim emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation

At the end of things though, none of the LEFT will ever admit wrongdoing. ‘Tis a womanish behavior…immature and shameful….and most Leftists act like women, no matter what their DNA says….

Plus there’s this from the FBI:

“The conduct in 2016 and 2017 that Special Counsel Durham examined was the reason that current FBI leadership already implemented dozens of corrective actions, which have now been in place for some time,” the FBI said in a statement. “Had those reforms been in place in 2016, the missteps identified in the report could have been prevented.”

“This report reinforces the importance of ensuring the FBI continues to do its work with the rigor, objectivity, and professionalism the American people deserve and rightly expect,” the statement added.

My question is who in the FBI gets fired for their misconduct? Firing and demoting people would go a long way towards engendering trust that the American People lost for the FBI. Most of us will never trust the word of the FBI ever again….At least not unless and until they show some real reform. There is no “Fidelity” no “Integrity” left. Not sure about the “Bravery” either.


3 thoughts on “I wonder if the Dems will admit they were wrong?

  1. I love rhetorical questions!
    It is by any means necessary the CPUSA (D) Long March to burn down America.
    It didn’t take as long as anticipated as they promised to deliver the USA to the global soviet on public record 101 years ago.

  2. Not mere misconduct. It is conspiracy to commit election interference. That’s just for starters.

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