Yet they bitch about “Food Deserts”

Some groups aren’t ever satisfied. They create their own problems.

I mean, Whole Foods tried to keep a store in Englewood (South side of Chicago) open because “Equality”…and their prices were not to the liking of the residents, so the local populace stole things instead. The costs from shoplifting were so high that the Whole Foods closed…..(plus, apparently the staff didn’t want to work there because of violence).

South Side residents claimed “racism” because now there wasn’t a local grocery store.

So the property was purchased by Sav-A-Lot…

And people complained. Protested enough that the store then closed after one day.

Might reopen, might not. Depends on how much graft the owners are willing to spread around to the protest leaders how the talks go.


6 thoughts on “Yet they bitch about “Food Deserts”

  1. Whole Foods is also closing its San Francisco locateon… for the same reason… DEMOCRAT GOVENRANCE…

    • You miss the point:
      Whole foods pulled out, yes. The decried the lack of good supermarkets in their area.
      Sav-A-Lot was willing to open there.
      They whined because Sav-A-Lot wasn’t good enough.

  2. Englewood is a free-fire zone with the most shootings and #2 for homicides to date as reported by

    I saw only white staff and a white CEO in the video. 100% certain the grifters are demanding all black staffing at the store before they will consent to keeping their trained seal protesters at bay.

    • I’m 35 minutes from Englewood. Trust me, I now what it is like.

      Good point about the a;; black staffing though.

      • They expect their friends to look the other way while they steal. It works better in a convenience store with the lone cashier inundated by the neighbors who just take what they want without paying and expect the cashier to uphold some kind of black code.

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